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Initiating New Designs using Save As in Common Space
Using Workspace Frames
  • Using Workspace Frames

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  • Introductory Level
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  • Marty Garnsey
  • This tutorial will demonstrate how to configure, access, and manipulate workspace frames in Windchill.
Creating Change Notices
Using Library Parts in Assemblies
Defining Gathering Parts in Product Structures
Using Workspace Frames
Change Activity Sequencing
Importing Assemblies into Workspaces
Applying a Product Structure Spatial Filter
Creating End Item Configurations and Instances
Building Product Structure
Creating Variances
Initiating New Designs Using Save As in the Commonspace
Importing a CAD Assembly
Creating a UDI Report
Monitoring Changes
View Document App for Windchill
View Part Structure App for Windchill
Creating a UDI Report
View Drawing App for Windchill